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  1. [big, serious, some, deep] trouble
  2. in [political, financial, diplomatic] trouble
  3. [money, financial, women's] troubles
  4. having [wife, relationship] trouble
  5. try to [stay, keep] out of trouble
  6. is always getting into trouble
  7. got himself into [big] trouble (when)
  8. got into trouble with the [police, neighbors, in-laws]
  9. (now) you're in big trouble!
  10. will be in trouble if (they find out)
  11. get your [friends, coworkers, brother] into trouble
  12. always [causing, making] trouble for me
  13. that boy is (nothing but) trouble
  14. is nothing but trouble!
  15. this [means, spells] trouble (for)
  16. are [looking, asking, heading] for trouble
  17. [realize, have any idea, know] how much trouble you're in
  18. [realize] [what, the] trouble you're in
  19. the trouble with [boys, girls, me] is that
  20. had trouble with the [car, computer, boiler]
  21. had (no) trouble [getting, making it] here
  22. did you have any trouble [finding, reaching, finishing]
  23. please, don't go to any trouble (on my account)
  24. if it's not too much trouble
  25. it's no trouble (at all)!
  26. in a [spot, bit, lot] of trouble
  27. [see, after] (all) the trouble you've caused
  28. having trouble with his [wife, coworker, parents, homework, grades]
  29. (there's) trouble in paradise
  30. a [life, career, childhood] full of troubles
  1. don't want to trouble you (but)
  2. cannot be troubled now
  3. cannot be troubled to [eat, respond, speak]
  4. didn't even trouble to [phone, read, look, check]
  5. can I trouble you for a [light, cigarette]?
  6. there is (still) something troubling me
  7. troubled by the [news, sight, thought]
  8. the [news] troubled her
  9. it troubles me to [think, see, hear, learn, know]
  10. troubles my [mind, soul, heart] to
  11. troubled with [diabetes, depression, asthma]
  12. troubled by [diabetes]
  13. troubles my [mind, soul, heart] to
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