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  1. watch [TV, television, the show, a movie, videos, the game]
  2. [enjoy, like] watching the [show]
  3. watched [all, part, most] of the [show]
  4. watch it [later, live, online, on streaming]
  5. watch it again
  6. watched by [millions]
  7. watch with [interest, curiosity]
  8. watch in [horror, awe, fascination, silence, amazement, disbelief] as
  9. watch from [home, your patio]
  10. watch and [listen, learn]
  11. watch from [afar, above, behind]
  12. [thought, felt] she was being watched
  13. watch the stock market
  14. watch his [eyes, movements]
  15. watch the [kids, children, dog, house] for me
  16. watch over the [house, kids]
  17. watch your [step, back]
  18. watch out for [potholes, ice, errors]
  19. watch for signs [of, that]
  20. watch where you [step, tread]
  21. watch where you're [going, walking]
  22. watch your language!
  23. watch this!
  24. watch him [go]
  25. watch as she [goes, leaves, speaks, performs]
  1. a [pocket, wrist, marine] watch
  2. a [gold, silver, men's, women's, cheap, rare] watch
  3. an [expensive, affordable] watch
  4. [give, buy] a watch as a [gift, present]
  5. got a watch for [my birthday, graduation, passing my exams]
  6. my watch is [slow, fast]
  7. my watch is [five] minutes [slow]
  8. this watch [has stopped, isn't] working
  9. [calibrate, set, wind up] a watch
  10. synchronize (our) watches
  11. the [hands, strap, face] of a watch
  12. a [tornado, flood, weather] watch
  13. the [night, dawn, last] watch
  14. will take the first watch
  15. a [four] -hour watch
  16. keep a watch on my [bag, case, belongings]
  17. keep a close watch on [development, crime, progress]
  18. keep a close watch on the [patient's, children, students]
  19. keep watch for [prowlers, intruders, gatecrashers]
  20. [set up, create, join] a neighborhood watch
  21. not on my watch!
n as adj
  1. watch [strap, hands, face, mechanism]
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