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  1. [don't know, am not sure] which to [choose, do]
  2. which of [these] do you [like, prefer]?
  3. which of the following [is, are, do you]
  4. [determine, decide, identify] which [is best, to include]
  5. [information, a discovery] which could [change, alter, determine]
  6. which is why I will (not) [go, say, finish, do]
  7. which [of course, in turn] means (that)
  8. [drugs, treatment, a plan, a decision] which can [cause, help, threaten]
  9. which can only lead to [destruction, death, disappointment]
  10. side effects which [can, may] include
  11. which I have [outlined, listed, described] (below)
  12. which was what I [intended, wanted, meant]
  13. which should be [avoided, controlled, considered]
  14. which in return [can, could, will, might]
  15. for which I am [thankful, grateful]
  16. to which I owe my [thanks, gratitude, success]
  17. [tell, know] which is which
  18. he [invited, treated, paid for] me, which was nice!
  1. which [way, direction] is
  2. which way to [turn, go, run]
  3. which way up (it goes)
  4. any which way but [that one, his]
  5. don't [pack, stack, fold] them any which way!
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