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describing position
If something is between two things, it has one of the things on one side of it and the other thing on the other side of it.
Janice was standing between the two men.
Northampton is roughly halfway between London and Birmingham.
Be careful
Don't say that something is ‘between’ several things. You say that it is among them.
➜ See among
You talk about a difference between two or more things or people. Don't use ‘among’.
What is the difference between football and soccer?
There isn't much difference between the three parties.
When someone makes a choice, you say that they choose between two or more things or people. Don't use ‘among’.
It was difficult to choose between the two candidates.
You can choose between tomato, cheese or meat sauce on your pasta.
You say that someone chooses between one thing or person and another.
She had to choose between work and her family.
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