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easy - easily
Something that is easy can be done or achieved without effort or difficulty, because it is not complicated and causes no problems.
Both sides had secured easy victories earlier in the day.
The task was not easy.
The comparative and superlative forms of easy are easier and easiest.
This is much easier than it sounds.
This was the easiest stage.
You can say that it is easy to do something. For example, instead of saying ‘Riding a camel is easy’, you can say ‘It is easy to ride a camel’. You can also say ‘A camel is easy to ride’.
It is always very easy to be cynical about politics.
The house is easy to keep clean.
Easy is not an adverb, except in the expressions go easy, take it easy, and easier said than done. If you want to say that something is done without difficulty, you say that it is done easily.
Put things in a place where you can find them quickly and easily.
Belgium easily beat Mexico 3-0.
The comparative and superlative forms of easily are more easily and most easily.
Milk is digested more easily when it is skimmed.
This is the format that is most easily understood by customers.
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