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honest adj (act: genuine)بريء
 It was an honest mistake.
inculpable adj (not guilty of wrongdoing)بريء
not guilty adj (innocent of a crime)بريء
 The jury found the accused man not guilty.
naive adj (not experienced: question, act) (سؤال)بسيط، بريء
innocuous adj (remark: not offensive)تعبير بريء
ingenuous adj (naive, innocent)ساذج، بريء، صريح
bum rap n slang (conviction of [sb] innocent)إدانة شخص بريء
innocent person n ([sb] who is not guilty of an offence)شخص بريء
 The jury was able to tell from the evidence that the man on trial was an innocent person.
snow-white adj figurative (pure, innocent)بريء، نظيف كالثلج
 Veronica has had a lot of boyfriends , so she's probably not as snow-white as she seems.
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