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at the table

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at /æt/ prep
  1. used to indicate location or position: are they at the table?, staying at a small hotel
  2. towards; in the direction of: looking at television, throwing stones at windows
  3. used to indicate position in time: come at three o'clock
  4. engaged in; in a state of (being): children at play, stand at ease, he is at his most charming today
  5. (in expressions concerned with habitual activity) during the passing of (esp in the phrase at night): he used to work at night
  6. for; in exchange for: it's selling at four pounds
  7. used to indicate the object of an emotion: angry at the driver, shocked at his behaviour
  8. where it's atslang the real place of action
Etymology: Old English æt; related to Old Norse at to, Latin ad to

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