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-ery or-ry, suffix. 
  • -ery or -ry is used to form nouns that refer to
    • things in a collection:green + -ery → greenery (= green plants as a group);machine + -ery → machinery (= a group or collection of machines).
    • people in a collection:Jew + -ry → Jewry (= Jews as a group);peasant + -ry → peasantry (= peasants as a group).
    • an occupation, activity, or condition:dentist + -ry → dentistry (= occupation of a dentist);
      rival + -ry → rivalry (= condition of being a rival);
      rob + -ery → robbery (= activity of robbing or being robbed)
  • -ery is also used to form nouns that refer to a place where the activity of the root is done:bake + -ery →bakery (= place where baking is done);wine + -ery → winery (= place where wine is made).

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  • a suffix of nouns denoting occupation, business, calling or condition, place or establishment, goods or products, things collectively, qualities, actions, etc.:archery; cutlery;fishery;trickery;
    • Old French -erie, equivalent. to -ier -er2 + -ie -y3
    • Middle English

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    -ery, -ry suffix forming nouns
    1. indicating a place of business or some other activity: bakery, brewery, refinery
    2. indicating a class or collection of things: cutlery, greenery
    3. indicating qualities or actions collectively: snobbery, trickery
    4. indicating a practice or occupation: husbandry
    5. indicating a state or condition: slavery
    Etymology: from Old French -erie; see -er1, -y³

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