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ad•min•is•tra•tion /ædˌmɪnəˈstreɪʃən/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. Government[uncountable] the management and control of a government or the like; the duties of an administrator.
  2. Government[countable] a body of administrators or executive officials, esp. (often cap.) the officials of the executive branch of a government.
  3. Government[countable] the period during which an administrator or body of administrators serves.
  4. [uncountable] the act or process of administering.
ad•min•is•tra•tive /ædˈmɪnəˌstreɪtɪv, -strətɪv/USA pronunciation  adj. 

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ad•min•is•tra•tion  (ad min′ə strāshən),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Governmentthe management of any office, business, or organization;
  2. Governmentthe function of a political state in exercising its governmental duties.
  3. Governmentthe duty or duties of an administrator in exercising the executive functions of the position.
  4. Governmentthe management by an administrator of such duties.
  5. Governmenta body of administrators, esp. in government.
  6. Government(often cap.) the executive branch of the U.S. government as headed by the President and in power during his or her term of office:The Administration has threatened to veto the new bill. The Reagan administration followed President Carter's.
  7. Governmentthe period of service of a governmental administrator or body of governmental administrators.
  8. Governmentany group entrusted with executive or administrative powers:the administration of a college.
  9. Lawmanagement of a decedent's estate by an executor or administrator, or of a trust estate by a trustee.
  10. an act of dispensing, esp. formally:administration of the sacraments.
  11. supervision of the taking of an oath or the like.
  12. Medicineapplication, as of a salve or medicine.
ad•min′is•tration•al, adj. 
  • Latin administrātiōn- (stem of administrātiō) service. See administrate, -ion
  • Middle English administracio(u)n 1275–1325

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administration /ədˌmɪnɪˈstreɪʃən/ n
  1. management of the affairs of an organization, such as a business or institution
  2. the duties of an administrator
  3. the body of people who administer an organization
  4. the conduct of the affairs of government
  5. term of office: often used of presidents, governments, etc
  6. the executive branch of government along with the public service; the government as a whole
  7. (often capital) chiefly US the political executive, esp of the US; the government
  8. the conduct or disposal of the estate of a deceased person
  9. the management by a trustee of an estate subject to a trust
  10. the administering of something, such as a sacrament, oath, or medical treatment
  11. the thing that is administered

adˈministrative adj adˈministratively adv

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