For the noun: apex
Plural form: apexes, apices

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a•pex /ˈeɪpɛks/USA pronunciation   n.[countable]pl.  a•pex•es, a•pi•ces 
    /ˈeɪpəˌsiz, ˈæpə-/.USA pronunciation  
  1. the highest point;
    summit:the apex of a mountain; the apex of a career.
  2. the tip or point: the apex of the tongue.

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a•pex  peks),USA pronunciation n., pl.  a•pex•es, a•pi•ces 
    pə sēz′, apə-).USA pronunciation 
  1. the tip, point, or vertex;
  2. climax;
    acme:His election to the presidency was the apex of his career.
  3. [Astron.]See  solar apex. 
  • Latin
  • 1595–1605

APEX  peks),USA pronunciation 
  • a type of international air fare offering reduced rates for extended stays that are booked in advance. [1970–75;
    A(dvance) P(urchase) Ex(cursion)]

  • Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    APEX /ˈeɪpɛks/ n acronym for
    1. Advance Purchase Excursion: a reduced airline or long-distance rail fare that must be paid a specified number of days in advance
    2. (in Britain) Association of Professional, Executive, Clerical, and Computer Staff

    apex /ˈeɪpɛks/ n ( pl apexes, apices /ˈæpɪˌsiːz ˈeɪ-/)
    1. the highest point; vertex
    2. the pointed end or tip of something
    3. a pinnacle or high point, as of a career, etc
    Etymology: 17th Century: from Latin: point

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