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Ad•ams  (adəmz),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. BiographicalAbigail (Smith), 1744–1818, U.S. social and political figure (wife of John Adams).
  2. BiographicalAlice, born 1926, U.S. writer.
  3. BiographicalAnsel, 1902–84, U.S. photographer.
  4. BiographicalBrooks, 1848–1927, U.S. historian and political scientist (son of Charles Francis Adams and brother of Henry Brooks Adams).
  5. BiographicalCharles Francis, 1807–86, U.S. statesman: minister to Great Britain 1861–68 (son of John Quincy Adams).
  6. BiographicalFranklin P(ierce) ("F.P.A.''), 1881–1960, U.S. author and columnist.
  7. BiographicalHenry (Brooks), 1838–1918, U.S. historian, writer, and teacher (son of Charles Francis Adams).
  8. James Trus•low  (truslō),USA pronunciation 1878–1949, U.S. historian.
  9. BiographicalJohn, 1735–1826, 2nd president of the U.S. 1797–1801: a leader in the American Revolution.
  10. John Michael Geoffrey Man•ning•ham  (maning əm),USA pronunciation ("Tom''), 1931–85, Barbadian political leader: prime minister 1976–85. John Quin•cy  (kwinzē, -sē),USA pronunciation 1767–1848, 6th president of the U.S. 1825–29; Secretary of State 1817–25 (son of John Adams). Lé•o•nie Fuller  (lā ōnē),USA pronunciation born 1899, U.S. poet.
  11. BiographicalMaude (Maude Kiskadden), 1872–1953, U.S. actress.
  12. BiographicalRoger, 1889–1971, U.S. chemist.
  13. BiographicalSamuel, 1722–1803, American statesman: a leader in the American Revolution.
  14. BiographicalSamuel Hopkins, 1874–1958, U.S. journalist and novelist.
  15. BiographicalWalter Sydney, 1876–1956, U.S. astronomer.
  16. Place NamesMount. a mountain in SW Washington, in the Cascade Range. 12,307 ft. (3751 m).
  17. Place Namesa mountain in N New Hampshire, in the White Mountains. 5798 ft. (1767 m).
  18. Place Namesa city in W Massachusetts. 10,381.

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Adams /ˈædəmz/ n
  1. a mountain in SW Washington, in the Cascade Range. Height: 3751 m (12 307 ft)
Adams /ˈædəmz/ n
  1. Gerry, full name Gerrard Adams. born 1948, Northern Ireland politician; president of Sinn Féin from 1983: negotiated the Irish Republican Army ceasefires in 1994–96 and 1997
  2. Henry (Brooks). 1838–1918, US historian and writer. His works include Mont Saint Michel et Chartres (1913) and his autobiography The Education of Henry Adams (1918)
  3. John. 1735–1826, second president of the US (1797–1801); US ambassador to Great Britain (1785–88); helped draft the Declaration of Independence (1776)
  4. John Coolidge. born 1947, US composer; works include the operas Nixon in China (1987) and The Death of Klinghoffer (1991)
  5. John Couch. 1819–92, British astronomer who deduced the existence and position of the planet Neptune
  6. John Quincey. son of John Adams. 1767–1848, sixth president of the US (1825–29); secretary of state (1817–25)
  7. Richard. born 1920, British author; his novels include Watership Down (1972), The Plague Dogs (1977), and Traveller (1988)
  8. Samuel. 1722–1803, US revolutionary leader; one of the organizers of the Boston Tea Party; a signatory of the Declaration of Independence

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