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a•pache  (ə päsh, ə pash; Fr. a pash),USA pronunciation n., pl.  a•paches 
    (ə päshiz, ə pashiz; Fr. a pash).USA pronunciation 
  1. a Parisian gangster, rowdy, or ruffian.
  • French: Apache
  • 1735–45, American.

A•pach•e  (ə pachē),USA pronunciation n., pl.  A•pach•es,  (esp. collectively) A•pach•e. 
  1. Language Varietiesa member of an Athabaskan people of the southwestern U.S.
  2. Language Varietiesany of the several Athabaskan languages of Arizona and the Rio Grande basin.
  3. Militarya two-man U.S. Army helicopter designed to attack enemy armor with rockets or a 30mm gun and equipped for use in bad weather and in darkness.
  • Zuni ʔa·paču Navajos, presumably applied formerly to the Apacheans (Navajos and Apaches) generally
  • Mexican Spanish, perh.
  • 1915–20

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

Apache /əˈpætʃɪ/ n
  1. ( pl Apaches, Apache) a member of a North American Indian people, formerly nomadic and warlike, inhabiting the southwestern US and N Mexico
  2. the language of this people, belonging to the Athapascan group of the Na-Dene phylum
Etymology: from Mexican Spanish, probably from Zuñi Apachu, literally: enemy

apache /əˈpɑːʃ -ˈpæʃ; French: apaʃ/ n
  1. a Parisian gangster or ruffian
Etymology: from French: Apache

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