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Aus•tin  stən),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. BiographicalAlfred, 1835–1913, English poet: poet laureate 1896–1913.
  2. BiographicalJohn, 1790–1859, English writer on law.
  3. John Lang•shaw  (langshô),USA pronunciation 1911–60, British philosopher.
  4. BiographicalMary (Hunter), 1868–1934, U.S. novelist, playwright, and short-story writer.
  5. BiographicalStephen Fuller, 1793–1836, American colonizer in Texas.
  6. BiographicalWarren Robinson, 1877–1962, U.S. diplomat.
  7. BiographicalSee  Augustine, Saint (def. 2).
  8. Place Namesa city in and the capital of Texas, in the central part, on the Colorado River. 345,496.
  9. Place Namesa city in SE Minnesota. 23,020.
  10. a male given name, form of  Augustus. 

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Austin /ˈɒstɪn/ n
  1. a city in central Texas, on the Colorado River: state capital since 1845. Pop: 672 011 (2003 est)
Austin /ˈɒstɪn ˈɔː-/ n
  1. Herbert, 1st Baron. 1866–1941, British automobile engineer, who founded the Austin Motor Company
  2. John. 1790–1859, British jurist, whose book The Province of Jurisprudence Determined (1832) greatly influenced legal theory and the English legal system
  3. J(ohn) L(angshaw) (ˈlæŋʃɔː). 1911–60, English philosopher, whose lectures Sense and Sensibilia and How to do Things with Words were published posthumously in 1962

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