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boom•er  (bo̅o̅mər),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a person or thing that booms.
  2. a person who settles in areas or towns that are booming.
  3. Informal TermsSee  baby boomer. 
  4. Informal Termsa wandering or migratory worker;
  5. Businessa period of sudden and decisive economic growth:July was a boomer for the retail trade.
  6. Informal Termsa person, fad, etc., that enjoys a brief popularity or financial success:A new group of boomers made this season's hit record.
  7. an enthusiastic supporter;
    booster:The boomers tell us our town can double its size.
  8. British Terms[Australian.]a fully grown male kangaroo, esp. a large one.
  • boom1 + -er1 1820–30

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boomer /ˈbuːmə/ n
  1. Austral a large male kangaroo
  2. Austral NZ informal anything exceptionally large
Etymology: from English dialect

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