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Bour•bon  (bŏŏrbən, bôr-, bōr- or, Fr., bo̅o̅rn for 1–3; bûrbən for 4 or occas. for 3),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Biographical, World Historya member of a French royal family that ruled in France 1589–1792, Spain 1700–1931, and Naples 1735–1806, 1815–60.
  2. Charles  (sharl),USA pronunciation ("Constable de Bourbon''), 1490–1527, French general.
  3. World Historya person who is extremely conservative or reactionary.
  4. Wine(l.c.) Also called  bourbon whiskey. a straight whiskey distilled from a mash having 51 percent or more corn: originally the corn whiskey produced in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

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bour•bon /ˈbɜrbən/USA pronunciation   n. [uncountable]
  1. WineAlso called ˈbour•bon ˈwhis•key. a straight whiskey distilled from corn:Bourbon was originally the corn whiskey from Bourbon County, Kentucky.

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Bourbon /ˈbʊəbən; French: burbɔ̃/ n
  1. a member of the European royal line that ruled in France from 1589 to 1793 (when Louis XVI was executed by the revolutionaries) and was restored in 1815, continuing to rule in its Orleans branch from 1830 until 1848. Bourbon dynasties also ruled in Spain (1700–1808; 1813–1931) and Naples and Sicily (1734–1806; 1815–1860)
  2. (as modifier): the Bourbon kings

bourbon /ˈbɜːbən/ n
  1. a whiskey distilled, chiefly in the US, from maize, esp one containing at least 51 per cent maize (the rest being malt and rye) and aged in charred white-oak barrels
Etymology: 19th Century: named after Bourbon county, Kentucky, where it was first made

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