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Brandt  (brant; Ger. bränt),USA pronunciation n.  Wil•ly  (wilē; Ger. vilē),USA pronunciation born 1913, West German political leader: chancellor 1969–74;
Nobel peace prize 1971.

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Brandt /brænt/ n
  1. Bill, full name William Brandt. 1905–83, British photographer. His photographic books include The English at Home (1936) and Perspectives of Nudes (1961)
  2. Georg (ˈɡeɪɔːɡ). 1694–1768, Swedish chemist, who isolated cobalt (1742) and exposed fraudulent alchemists
  3. /German: brant/ Willy (ˈvɪli). 1913–92, German statesman; socialist chancellor of West Germany (1969–74); chairman of the Social Democratic party (1964–87). His policy of détente and reconciliation with E Europe brought him international acclaim. Nobel peace prize 1971


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