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bus•by /ˈbʌzbi/USA pronunciation   n.[countable]pl.  -bies. 
  1. Clothinga tall military hat of fur or feathers.

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bus•by  (buzbē),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -bies. 
  1. Clothinga tall fur hat with a baglike ornament hanging from the top over the right side.
  2. Clothingthe bearskin hat worn by certain British guardsmen.
  • 1755–65; origin, originally, a bushy wig; of obscure origin, originally

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Busby /ˈbʌzbɪ/ n
  1. Sir Matthew, known as Matt. 1909–94, British footballer. He managed Manchester United (1946–69)

busby /ˈbʌzbɪ/ n ( pl -bies)
  1. a tall fur helmet with a bag hanging from the top to the right side, worn by certain soldiers, usually hussars, as in the British Army
  2. (not in official usage) another name for bearskin
Etymology: 18th Century (in the sense: large bushy wig): perhaps from a proper name

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