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Car•ter  (kärtər),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. BiographicalBennett Lester (Benny), born 1907, U.S. jazz saxophonist and composer.
  2. BiographicalDon(ald James), born 1926, U.S. bowler.
  3. BiographicalElliott (Cook, Jr.), born 1908, U.S. composer.
  4. Hod•ding  (hoding),USA pronunciation 1907–72, U.S. journalist and publisher.
  5. Ancient History, BiographicalHoward, 1873–1939, English Egyptologist.
  6. BiographicalJames Earl, Jr. (Jimmy), born 1924, 39th president of the U.S. 1977–81.
  7. BiographicalMrs. Leslie (Caroline Louise Dudley), 1862–1937, U.S. actress.
  8. May•belle  (mābel′),USA pronunciation ("Mother Maybelle Carter''), 1909–78, U.S. country-and-western singer and guitarist.
  9. LiteratureNick, pen name of authors who wrote detective-story series in which Nick Carter, created by John R. Coryell, is the main character.
  10. a male given name.

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cart /kɑrt/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. Transporta two-wheeled vehicle pulled by horses, oxen, etc., and used to carry goods, for farming, etc.
  2. Transportany small vehicle pushed or pulled by hand:a shopping cart.

v. [+ object]
  1. Transportto haul, as in a cart or truck:They carted the old furniture to the dump.
  2. cart off or away, to take away (someone unwilling to go): [+ object + off/away]The police carted them off to jail.[+ off/away + object]carted away all seven of them to jail.
  1. Idiomsput the cart before the horse, to do or place things in wrong order;
    do things backward.

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cart  (kärt),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Transporta heavy two-wheeled vehicle, commonly without springs, drawn by mules, oxen, or the like, used for the conveyance of heavy goods.
  2. Transporta light two-wheeled vehicle with springs, drawn by a horse or pony.
  3. Transportany small vehicle pushed or pulled by hand.
  4. [Obs.]a chariot.
  5. British Terms, Idiomson the water cart, See  wagon (def. 12).
  6. Idiomsput the cart before the horse, to do or place things in improper order;
    be illogical.

  1. Transportto haul or convey in or as if in a cart or truck:to cart garbage to the dump.

  1. Transportto drive a cart.
  2. cart off or  away, to transport or take away in an unceremonious manner:The police came and carted him off to jail.
carta•ble, adj. 
carter, n. 
  • bef. 900; Middle English cart(e), Old English cræt (by metathesis); cognate with Old Norse kartr cart

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Carter /ˈkɑːtə/ n
  1. Angela. 1940–92, British novelist and writer; her novels include The Magic Toyshop (1967) and Nights at the Circus (1984)
  2. Elliot (Cook). born 1908, US composer. His works include the Piano Sonata (1945–46), four string quartets, and other orchestral pieces: Pulitzer Prize 1960, 1973
  3. Howard. 1873–1939, English Egyptologist: excavated the tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen
  4. James Earl, known as Jimmy. born 1924, US Democratic statesman; 39th president of the US (1977–81); Nobel peace prize 2002

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