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car•un•cle  (karung kəl, kə rung-),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Botanya protuberance at or surrounding the hilum of a seed.
  2. Zoologya fleshy excrescence, as on the head of a bird; a fowl's comb.
  3. Anatomya small, fleshy growth.
ca•run•cu•lar  (kə rungkyə lər),USA pronunciation  ca•runcu•lous, adj. 
  • Latin: small piece of flesh, diminutive of carō (genitive carnis) flesh; for suffix, see carbuncle
  • earlier caruncula 1605–15

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caruncle /ˈkærəŋkəl kəˈrʌŋ-/ n
  1. a fleshy outgrowth on the heads of certain birds, such as a cock's comb
  2. an outgrowth near the hilum on the seeds of some plants
Etymology: 17th Century: from obsolete French caruncule, from Latin caruncula a small piece of flesh, from carō flesh

caruncular /kəˈrʌŋkjʊlə/, caˈrunculous adj

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