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Cin•der•el•la  (sin′də relə),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a heroine of a fairy tale or folk tale who is maltreated by a malevolent stepmother but achieves happiness and marries a prince through the benevolent intervention of a fairy godmother.
  2. (italics) the tale itself, the earliest version of which is in Chinese and dates from the 9th century a.d.
  3. Dance, Music and Dance(italics) a ballet (1945) with musical score by Sergei Prokofiev.
  4. a person or thing of merit, undeservedly neglected or forced into a wretched or obscure existence.
  5. a person who achieves unexpected or sudden success or recognition, esp. after obscurity, neglect, or misery.

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Cinderella /ˌsɪndəˈrɛlə/ n
  1. a girl who achieves fame after being obscure
  2. a poor, neglected, or unsuccessful person or thing
Etymology: 19th Century: after Cinderella, the heroine of a fairy tale who is aided by a fairy godmother

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