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De•de•kind  (dādi kind; Ger.də kint),USA pronunciation n.  Ju•li•us Wil•helm Rich•ard 
    (jo̅o̅lyəs wilhelm richərd; Ger. yo̅o̅lē ŏŏs′ vilhelm riкнärt),USA pronunciation 
  1. 1831–1916, German mathematician.

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Dedekind /German: ˈdedəˌkɪnt/ n
  1. (Julius Wilhelm) Richard (ˈjuːlɪʊs ˈvɪlhɛlm ˈrixɑːt). 1831–1916, German mathematician, who devised a way (the Dedekind cut) of according irrational and rational numbers the same status

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