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doy•en /dɔɪˈɛn, ˈdɔɪən, dwɑˈyɛn/USA pronunciation   n.[countable]pl.  doy•ens 
    /dɔɪˈɛnz, ˈdɔɪənz, dwɑˈyɛn/.USA pronunciation  
  1. the senior man, as in age or experience, of a group or profession:He was the doyen of the press corps in Moscow.

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doy•en  (doi en, doiən; Fr. dwa yan),USA pronunciation n., pl.  doy•ens 
    (doi enz, doienz; Fr. dwa yan).USA pronunciation 
  1. the senior member, as in age, rank, or experience, of a group, class, profession, etc.
  • Latin decānus dean1
  • French; Old French deien
  • 1665–75

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doyen /ˈdɔɪən; French: dway/ n
  1. the senior member of a group, profession, or society
Etymology: 17th Century: from French, from Late Latin decānus leader of a group of ten; see dean

doyenne /dɔɪˈɛn; French: dwajɛn/ fem n

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