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Du•mas  (dy or, Eng., do̅o̅ mä, dyo̅o̅- for 1, 2; do̅o̅məs, dyo̅o̅- for 3),USA pronunciation n. 
    A•le•xan•dre  (a lek sändrə),USA pronunciation ("Dumas père''), 1802–70, and his son,  Alexandre ("Dumas fils''), 1824–95, French dramatists and novelists. Jean-Bap•tiste An•dré  (zhän ba tēst än drā),USA pronunciation 1800–84, French chemist.
  1. Place Namesa town in N Texas. 12,194.

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Dumas /French: dymɑ/ n
  1. Alexandre (alɛksɑ̃drə), known as Dumas père. 1802–70, French novelist and dramatist, noted for his historical romances The Count of Monte Cristo (1844) and The Three Musketeers (1844)
  2. his son, Alexandre, known as Dumas fils. 1824–95, French novelist and dramatist, noted esp for the play he adapted from an earlier novel, La Dame aux camélias (1852)
  3. Jean-Baptiste André (ʒɑ̃batist ɑ̃dre). 1800–84, French chemist, noted for his research on vapour density and atomic weight
  4. Marlene. born 1953, South African painter; especially of expressionist portraits and nudes

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