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E•liz•a•beth  (i lizə bəth),USA pronunciation  n. 
  1. Bible[Douay Bible.]Elisabeth.
  2. Biographical(Elizaveta Petrovna) 1709–62, empress of Russia 1741–62 (daughter of Peter the Great).
  3. Biographical(Pauline Elizabeth Ottilie Luise, Princess of Wied) ("Carmen Sylva'') 1843–1916, queen of Rumania 1881–1914 and author.
  4. Biographical(Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon) born 1900, queen consort of George VI of Great Britain (mother of Elizabeth II).
  5. BiographicalSaint, 1207–31, Hungarian princess and religious mystic.
  6. Place Namesa city in NE New Jersey. 106,201.
  7. a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning "oath of God.''

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Elizabeth /ɪˈlɪzəbəθ/ n
  1. a city in NE New Jersey, on Newark Bay. Pop: 123 215 (2003 est)
  2. a town in SE South Australia, part of Adelaide. Pop: 26 428 (2006)
Elizabeth /ɪˈlɪzəbəθ/ n
  1. Saint Elizabeth, Saint Elisabeththe wife of Zacharias, mother of John the Baptist, and kinswoman of the Virgin Mary. Feast day: Nov 5 or 8
  2. pen name Carmen Sylva. 1843–1916, queen of Romania (1881–1914) and author
  3. Russian name Yelizaveta Petrovna. 1709–62, empress of Russia (1741–62); daughter of Peter the Great
  4. title the Queen Mother; original name Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. 1900–2002, queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (1936–52) as the wife of George VI; mother of Elizabeth II

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