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e•vert  (i vûrt),USA pronunciation v.t. 
  1. to turn outward or inside out.
  • Latin ēvertere to overturn, equivalent. to ē- e- + vertere to turn
  • 1375–1425 for earlier past participle sense; 1795–1805 for current sense; late Middle English

Ev•ert  (evərt),USA pronunciation n. 
  • BiographicalChris(tine Marie), born 1954, U.S. tennis player.

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    Evert /ˈɛvət/ n
    1. Chris(tine). born 1954, US tennis player: Wimbledon champion 1974, 1976, and 1981; US champion 1975–78, 1980, and 1982

    evert /ɪˈvɜːt/ vb
    1. (transitive) to turn (an eyelid, the intestines, or some other bodily part) outwards or inside out
    Etymology: 16th Century: from Latin ēvertere to overthrow, from vertere to turn

    eˈversible adj eˈversion n

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