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Fisch•er  (fishər),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. BiographicalEdwin, 1886–1960, Swiss pianist.
  2. E•mil  mil),USA pronunciation 1852–1919, German chemist: Nobel prize 1902.
  3. BiographicalErnst Otto, born 1918, German chemist: Nobel prize 1973.
  4. Hans  (häns),USA pronunciation 1881–1945, German chemist: Nobel prize 1930.
  5. BiographicalRobert James ("Bobby''), born 1943, U.S. chess player.

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Fischer /ˈfɪʃər/ n
  1. Emil Hermann (ˈeːmiːl ˈhɛrman). 1852–1919, German chemist, noted particularly for his work on synthetic sugars and the purine group: Nobel prize for chemistry 1902
  2. Ernst Otto. 1918–94, German chemist: shared the Nobel prize for chemistry in 1973 with Geoffrey Wilkinson for his work on inorganic complexes
  3. Hans (hans). 1881–1945, German chemist, noted particularly for his work on chlorophyll, haemin, and the porphyrins: Nobel prize for chemistry 1930
  4. Robert James, known as Bobby. 1943–2008, US chess player; world champion 1972–75

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