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Guern•sey  (gûrnzē),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -seys  for 2, 3.
  1. Place NamesIsle of, one of the Channel Islands, in the English Channel. With adjacent islands: 51,138;
    24½ sq. mi. (63 sq. km).
  2. one of a breed of dairy cattle, raised originally on the Isle of Guernsey, producing rich, golden-tinted milk.
  3. Clothing(l.c.) a close-fitting knitted woolen shirt worn by sailors and soccer or Rugby players.
  • 1825–35, for def. 2

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Guernsey /ˈɡɜːnzɪ/ n
  1. an island in the English Channel: the second largest of the Channel Islands, which, with Alderney and Sark, Herm, Jethou, and some islets, forms the bailiwick of Guernsey; finance, market gardening, dairy farming, and tourism. Capital: St Peter Port. Pop: 59 710 (2001). Area: 63 sq km (24.5 sq miles)
  2. a breed of dairy cattle producing rich creamy milk, originating from the island of Guernsey
  3. (sometimes not capital) a seaman's knitted woollen sweater
  4. (not capital) Austral a sleeveless woollen shirt or jumper worn by a football player
  5. get a guernseyAustral to be selected or gain recognition for something

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