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Ham•mond  (hamənd),USA pronunciation n. 
    John Hays  (hāz),USA pronunciation 1855–1936, U.S. engineer.
  1. Place Namesa city in NW Indiana, near Chicago. 93,714.
  2. Place Namesa city in SE Louisiana. 15,043.

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Hammond /ˈhæmənd/ n
  1. a city in NW Indiana, adjacent to Chicago. Pop: 80 547 (2003 est)
Hammond /ˈhæmənd/ n
  1. Dame Joan. 1912–96, Australian operatic singer, born in New Zealand
  2. Walter Reginald, known as Wally. 1903–65, English cricketer. An all-rounder, he played for England 85 times between 1928 and 1946

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