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Hess  (hes),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. BiographicalDame Myra, 1890–1965, English pianist.
  2. BiographicalVictor Francis, 1883–1964, U.S. physicist, born in Austria: Nobel prize 1936.
  3. BiographicalWalter Rudolf, 1881–1973, Swiss physiologist: Nobel prize for medicine 1949.
(Wal•ther Rich•ard) Ru•dolf  (välrriкнärt ro̅o̅dôlf ),USA pronunciation born 1894, German official in the Nazi party.

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Hess /hɛs/ n
  1. Dame Myra. 1890–1965, English pianist
  2. (Walther Richard) Rudolf (ˈruːdɔlf). 1894–1987, German Nazi leader. He made a secret flight to Scotland (1941) to negotiate peace with Britain but was held as a prisoner of war; later sentenced to life imprisonment at the Nuremberg trials (1946); committed suicide
  3. Victor Francis. 1883–1964, US physicist, born in Austria: pioneered the investigation of cosmic rays: shared the Nobel prize for physics (1936)

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