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Jim Crow /ˈdʒɪm ˈkroʊ/USA pronunciation   adj. [before a noun]
  1. American History[sometimes: jim crow ] of or relating to a practice or policy of segregating or discriminating against black people.
Jim Crow•ism, jim crow•ism, n. [uncountable]

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Jim Crow, 
  1. American Historya practice or policy of segregating or discriminating against blacks, as in public places, public vehicles, or employment.
  2. American History, Slang Terms[Disparaging and Offensive.]a black person.
Also,  jim crow. 
  • so called from the name of a song sung by Thomas Rice (1808–60) in a minstrel show 1830–40, American.

Jim-Crow  ( jimkrō),USA pronunciation adj. 
  1. American Historyfavoring or supporting Jim Crow.
  2. American Historyfor blacks only:a Jim-Crow school.
Also,  jim-crow. 

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jim crow /ˈdʒɪm ˈkrəʊ/ n (often capitals) US
  1. the policy or practice of segregating Black people
  2. (as modifier): jim-crow laws
  3. a derogatory term for a Black person
  4. an implement for bending iron bars or rails
Etymology: 19th Century: from Jim Crow, name of song used as the basis of an act by Thomas Rice (1808–60), American entertainer

ˈjim-ˈcrowism n

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