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Kaf•fir  (kafər, käfər),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -firs,  (esp. collectively) -fir. 
  1. Language Varieties, British Terms[Disparaging and Offensive.](in South Africa) a black person: originally used of the Xhosa people only.
  2. (l.c.) kafir (def. 4).
  3. Eastern Religions(l.c.) [Islam.]kafir (def. 2).
  • Arabic kāfir unbeliever, infidel, skeptic
  • 1780–90

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Kaffir, Kafir /ˈkæfə/ n ( pl -firs, -fir)
  1. taboo (in southern Africa) any Black African
  2. offensive (among Muslims) a non-Muslim or infidel
Etymology: 19th Century: from Arabic kāfir infidel, from kafara to deny, refuse to believe
In South Africa the use of this word is nowadays completely taboo, and is indeed actionable in the courts. It is also advisable not to use the word in any of the compounds to which it gave rise

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