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Kung  (kŏŏng),USA pronunciation n., pl.  Kungs,  (esp. collectively) Kung. 
  1. Language Varietiesa member of a San people of the Kalahari desert basin of southern Africa.
Also, !Kung. 
Kung  (kŏŏng, gŏŏng),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. BiographicalH. H. (K'ung Hsiang-hsi, Kong Xiangxi), 1881–1967, Chinese financier and statesman.
  2. BiographicalPrince, 1833–98, Chinese statesman of the late Ch'ing dynasty.

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Küng /kʊŋ/ n
  1. Hans. born 1928, Swiss Roman Catholic theologian, who questioned the doctrine of infallibility: his licence to teach was withdrawn in 1979. His books include Global Responsibility (1991)

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