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Mac•Ar•thur  (mək ärthər, mə kär-),USA pronunciation n. 
  • BiographicalDouglas, 1880–1964, U.S. general: supreme commander of allied forces in SW Pacific during World War II and of UN forces in Korea 1950–51.

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    MacArthur /məˈkɑːθə/ n
    1. Douglas. 1880–1964, US general. During World War II he became commanding general of US armed forces in the Pacific (1944) and accepted the surrender of Japan, the Allied occupation of which he commanded (1945–51). He was commander in chief of United Nations forces in Korea (1950–51) until dismissed by President Truman
    2. Dame Ellen. born 1976, English yachtswoman; in 2005 she set a new world record for the fastest solo world circumnavigation

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