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Me myself

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me /miː; (unstressed) / pron (objective)
  1. refers to the speaker or writer: that shocks me, he gave me the glass
  1. informal the personality of the speaker or writer or something that expresses it: the real me comes out when I'm happy
Etymology: Old English (dative); compare Dutch, German mir, Latin (accusative), mihi (dative)
me /miː/ n
  1. a variant spelling of mi

ME abbreviation for
  1. Marine Engineer
  2. Mechanical Engineer
  3. Methodist Episcopal
  4. Mining Engineer
  5. Middle English
  6. (in titles) Most Excellent
  7. myalgic encephalopathy

mi, me /miː/ n
  1. (in tonic sol-fa) the third degree of any major scale; mediant
Etymology: 16th Century: see gamut

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