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Mid•dle•ton  (midl tən),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. BiographicalThomas, c1570–1627, English dramatist.
  2. Place Namesa town in S Wisconsin. 11,779.

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Middleton /ˈmɪdəltən/ n
  1. a town in NW England, in Rochdale Unitary Authority, Greater Manchester. Pop: 45 314 (2001)
Middleton /ˈmɪdəltən/ n
  1. Kate, real name Catherine Elizabeth. born 1982, married Prince William in 2011; created Duchess of Cambridge
  2. Thomas. ?1570–1627, English dramatist. His plays include the tragedies Women beware Women (1621) and, in collaboration with William Rowley (?1585–?1642), The Changeling (1622) and the political satire A Game at Chess (1624)

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