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Mol•do•va  (môl dōvə), 
Place Namesofficial name of Moldavia (def. 2).
Mol•dovan, adj., n. 

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Moldova /mɒlˈdəʊvə/ n
  1. a republic in SE Europe: comprising the E part of the former principality of Moldavia, the E part of which (Bessarabia) was ceded to the Soviet Union in 1940 and formed the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic until it gained independence in 1991; an agricultural region with many vineyards. Official language: Romanian. Religion: nonreligious and Christian. Currency: leu. Capital: Chişinǎu (Kishinev). Pop: 4 263 000 (2004 est). Area: 33 670 sq km (13 000 sq miles)
    Also called: Moldavia /mɒlˈdeɪvɪə/

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