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O•lym•pi•ad  (ə limpē ad′, ō lim-),USA pronunciation n. (often l.c.)
  1. a period of four years reckoned from one celebration of the Olympic Games to the next, by which the Greeks computed time from 776b.c.
  2. Sporta celebration of the modern Olympic Games.
O•lym′pi•adic, adj. 
  • Greek Olympiás noun, nominal use of the adjective, adjectival: of Olympus. See Olympia, -ad1
  • Latin Olympiad-, stem of Olympias
  • Middle English 1350–1400

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Olympiad /əˈlɪmpɪˌæd/ n
  1. a staging of the modern Olympic Games
  2. the four-year period between consecutive celebrations of the Olympic Games; a unit of ancient Greek chronology dating back to 776 bc
  3. an international contest in chess, bridge, etc

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