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ping-pong /ˈpɪŋˌpɑŋ, -ˌpɔŋ/USA pronunciation   v. 
  1. Informal Termsto (cause to) be moved or transferred back and forth: [+ object]The patient was ping-ponged from one specialist to another.[no object]The patient ping-ponged back and forth from one specialist to another.

Ping-Pong /ˈpɪŋˌpɑŋ, -ˌpɔŋ/USA pronunciation  [Trademark.][uncountable]
  • Sport, Trademarkstable tennis.

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    ping-pong  (pingpong′, -pông′),USA pronunciation [Informal.]
    1. Informal Termsto move back and forth or transfer rapidly from one locale, job, etc., to another;
      switch:The patient was ping-ponged from one medical specialist to another.

    1. Informal Termsto go back and forth;
      change rapidly or regularly;
      bounce:For ten years the foreign correspondent ping-ponged between London and Paris.
    • 1900–05

    Ping-Pong  (pingpong′, -pông′),USA pronunciation [Trademark.]
    1. Sport, TrademarksSee  table tennis. 

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    Ping-Pong /ˈpɪŋˌpɒŋ/ n
    1. trademark
      another name for table tennis
      Also called: ping pong

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