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Pleis•to•cene  (plīstə sēn′),USA pronunciation [Geol.]
  1. Geologynoting or pertaining to the epoch forming the earlier half of the Quaternary Period, beginning about two million years ago and ending 10,000 years ago, characterized by widespread glacial ice and the advent of modern humans. See table under  geologic time. 

  1. Geologythe Pleistocene Epoch or Series.
  • Greek pleîsto(s) most (superlative of polýs much) + -cene
  • 1830–40

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

Pleistocene /ˈplaɪstəˌsiːn/ adj
  1. of, denoting, or formed in the first epoch of the Quaternary period, which lasted for about 1 600 000 years. It was characterized by extensive glaciations of the N hemisphere and the evolutionary development of man
  1. the Pleistocenethe Pleistocene epoch or rock series
Etymology: 19th Century: from Greek pleistos most + kainos recent

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