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Plural form: Portuguese

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Por•tu•guese /ˌpɔrtʃəˈgiz, -ˈgis, pɔrtʃəˌgiz, -ˌgis/USA pronunciationadj., n., pl. -guese.
  • of or relating to Portugal.
  • of or relating to the language spoken in Portugal.

  • n. 
  • [countable] a person born or living in Portugal.
  • [uncountable] the language spoken in Portugal.

  • Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    Portuguese /ˌpɔːtjʊˈɡiːz/ n
    1. the official language of Portugal, its overseas territories, and Brazil: the native language of approximately 110 million people. It belongs to the Romance group of the Indo-European family and is derived from the Galician dialect of Vulgar Latin
    2. ( pl -guese) a native, citizen, or inhabitant of Portugal
    1. relating to, denoting, or characteristic of Portugal, its inhabitants, or their language

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