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Santa Cruz /ˈsæntə ˈkruːz; Spanish: ˈsanta ˈkruθ/ n
  1. a province of S Argentina, on the Atlantic: consists of a large part of Patagonia, with the forested foothills of the Andes in the west Capital: Río Gallegos. Pop: 206 897 (2000 est). Area: 243 940 sq km (94 186 sq miles)
  2. a city in E Bolivia: the second largest town in Bolivia. Pop: 1 352 000 (2005 est)
  3. another name for Saint Croix
Santa Cruz /Spanish: ˈsanta ˈkruθ/ n
  1. Alvaro de Bazán. 1526–88, Spanish naval commander, who proposed, assembled, and prepared the Spanish Armada but died shortly before it sailed for England

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