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Wales  (wālz), 
  1. Place Namesa division of the United Kingdom, in SW Great Britain. 2,766,800;
    8016 sq. mi. (20,760 sq. km). Medieval,Cambria. 

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Wales /weɪlz/ n
  1. a principality that is part of the United Kingdom, in the west of Great Britain; conquered by the English in 1282; parliamentary union with England took place in 1536: a separate Welsh Assembly with limited powers was established in 1999. Wales consists mainly of moorlands and mountains and has an economy that is chiefly agricultural, with an industrial and former coal-mining area in the south. Capital: Cardiff. Pop: 2 938 000 (2003 est). Area: 20 768 sq km (8017 sq miles)
    Welsh name: Cymru
    Medieval Latin name: Cambria

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