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sight /saɪt/ n
  1. the power or faculty of seeing; perception by the eyes; vision
    Related adjective(s): visual
  2. the act or an instance of seeing
  3. the range of vision: within sight of land
  4. range of mental vision; point of view; judgment: in his sight she could do nothing wrong
  5. a glimpse or view (esp in the phrases catch sight of, lose sight of)
  6. anything that is seen
  7. (often plural) anything worth seeing; spectacle: the sights of London
  8. informal anything unpleasant or undesirable to see: his room was a sight!
  9. any of various devices or instruments used to assist the eye in making alignments or directional observations, esp such a device used in aiming a gun
  10. an observation or alignment made with such a device
  11. a sightinformal a great deal: she's a sight too good for him
  12. a sight for sore eyesa person or thing that one is pleased or relieved to see
  13. at sight, on sightas soon as seen
  14. on presentation: a bill payable at sight
  15. know by sightto be familiar with the appearance of without having personal acquaintance
  16. not by a long sightinformal on no account; not at all
  17. set one's sights onto have (a specified goal) in mind; aim for
  18. sight unseenwithout having seen the object at issue: to buy a car sight unseen
  1. (transitive) to see, view, or glimpse
  2. (transitive) to furnish with a sight or sights
  3. to adjust the sight of
  4. to aim (a firearm) using the sight
Etymology: Old English sihth; related to Old High German siht; see see1

ˈsightable adj

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