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account /əˈkaʊnt/ n
  1. a verbal or written report, description, or narration of some occurrence, event, etc
  2. an explanation of conduct, esp one made to someone in authority
  3. ground; basis; consideration (often in the phrases on this (that, every, no, etc) account, on account of)
  4. importance, consequence, or value: of little account
  5. assessment; judgment
  6. profit or advantage: to turn an idea to account
  7. part or behalf (only in the phrase on one's or someone's account)
  8. a business relationship between a bank, department store, stockbroker, etc, and a depositor, customer, or client permitting the latter certain banking or credit services
  9. the sum of money deposited at a bank
  10. the amount of credit available to the holder of an account
  11. a record of these
  12. a statement of monetary transactions with the resulting balance
  13. a regular client or customer, esp a firm that purchases commodities on credit
  14. an area of business assigned to another: they transferred their publicity account to a new agent
  15. call to account, bring to accountto insist on explanation
  16. to rebuke; reprimand
  17. to hold responsible
  18. give a bad account of oneselfto perform badly: he gave a bad account of himself in the examination
  19. give a good account of oneselfto perform well
  20. on accounton credit
  21. Also: to account as partial payment
  22. on account of ⇒ (preposition) because of; by reason of
  23. take account of, take into accountto take into consideration; allow for
  24. settle accounts with, square accounts withto pay or receive a balance due
  25. to get revenge on (someone)
  26. See bank account, credit account
  1. (transitive) to consider or reckon: he accounts himself poor
Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French acont, from conter, compter to count1

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