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ac•ro•bat•ics /ˌækrəˈbætɪks/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. Sport[uncountable;  used with a singular verb] the art or practice of acrobatic feats.
  2. Sport feats of an acrobat;
    gymnastics:[plural;  used with a plural verb]The acrobatics of the high-wire performers were thrilling.
  3. something marked by agility:[plural;  used with a plural verb]verbal acrobatics.
See -acro-.
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ac•ro•bat•ics  (ak′rə batiks),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Sport(used with a pl. v.) the feats of an acrobat;
  2. Sport(used with a sing. v.) the art or practice of acrobatic feats.
  3. (used with a pl. v.) something performed with remarkable agility and ease:the verbal acrobatics of a habitual liar.
  • see acrobatic, -ics 1880–85

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acrobatics /ˌækrəˈbætɪks/ n
  1. (functioning as plural) the skills or feats of an acrobat
  2. (functioning as plural) any activity requiring agility and skill: mental acrobatics

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