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a•cute /əˈkyut/USA pronunciation adj. 
  1. sharp or severe in effect;
    intense: acute pain.
  2. extremely great or serious;
    critical: an acute shortage of oil.
  3. (of disease) of sudden onset and severe(disting. fromchronic):acute bronchitis.
  4. very sharp in intellect, insight, or perception.
  5. extremely sensitive:acute hearing.
  • (of an angle) less than 90°.
  • (of a triangle) containing only acute angles.
a•cute•ness,n. [uncountable]See -acr-.

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acute /əˈkjuːt/ adj
  1. penetrating in perception or insight
  2. sensitive to details; keen
  3. of extreme importance; crucial
  4. sharp or severe; intense
  5. having a sharp end or point
  6. (of an angle) less than 90°
  7. (of a disease) arising suddenly and manifesting intense severity
  8. of relatively short duration
  9. of or relating to an accent (´) placed over vowels, denoting that the vowel is pronounced with higher musical pitch (as in ancient Greek), with a certain special quality (as in French), etc
  10. (of a hospital, hospital bed, or ward) intended to accommodate short-term patients with acute illnesses
  1. an acute accent
Etymology: 14th Century: from Latin acūtus, past participle of acuere to sharpen, from acus needle

aˈcutely adv aˈcuteness n

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