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ad•mi•ral /ˈædmərəl/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. Naval Termsthe commander in chief of a naval fleet.
ad•mi•ral•ship, n. [uncountable]

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ad•mi•ral  (admər əl),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Naval Termsthe commander in chief of a fleet.
  2. Naval Terms, Militarya naval officer of the highest rank.
  3. Naval Terms, Militarya naval officer of a high rank: the grades in the U.S. Navy are fleet admiral, admiral, vice-admiral, and rear admiral.
  4. Naval Terms[Obs.]the flagship of an admiral.
  5. British Termsa master who directs a fishing fleet.
  6. Insectsany of several often brightly colored butterflies of the family Nymphalidae, as Vanessa atalanta(red admiral).
admi•ral•ship′, n. 
  • Medieval Latin admīrābilis mundī for Arabic amīr al-mu'minīn commander of the faithful; or with replacement of a-5 by ad-, as in administer
  • Arabic amīr al commander of the; -d-
  • Old French
  • Middle English, variant of amiral 1175–1225

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admiral /ˈædmərəl/ n
  1. the supreme commander of a fleet or navy
  2. Also called: admiral of the fleet, fleet admiral a naval officer of the highest rank, equivalent to general of the army or field marshal
  3. a senior naval officer entitled to fly his own flag
    See also rear admiral, vice admiral
  4. chiefly Brit the master of a fishing fleet
  5. any of various nymphalid butterflies, esp the red admiral or white admiral
Etymology: 13th Century: amyral, from Old French amiral emir, and from Medieval Latin admīrālis (the spelling with d probably influenced by admīrābilis admirable); both from Arabic amīr emir, commander, esp in the phrase amīr-al commander of, as in amīr-al-bahr commander of the sea

ˈadmiralˌship n

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