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advance warning

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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2015
ad•vance /ædˈvæns/USA pronunciation v., -vanced, -vanc•ing,n., adj. 

  • to move, send, or bring forward: [+ object]to advance a deadline; The general advanced his armies to the border.[no object]The army advanced to the border.[no object; (~ + on + object)]He advanced on the city.
  • [+ object] to bring into consideration;
    propose:advanced a proposal for a tax cut.
  • [+ object] to further the development, progress, or prospects of: to advance one's interests.
  • to raise in rank; promote: [+ object]advanced the soldier from private to corporal.[no object]The soldier advanced rapidly through the ranks.
  • to increase in rate or amount: [+ object]The central bank quietly advanced interest rates.[no object]Prices advanced in the last quarter.
  • [+ object + object] to furnish or supply on credit:We advanced her money to buy a new car.
  • [no object] to improve or make progress:The economy advanced last year.

  • n. 
  • [countable] a forward movement: the advance of the troops.
  • [countable] a development showing progress; a step forward;
    advancement:The prize is awarded for advances in science.
  • Usually, advances. [plural]
    • initial steps in forming an acquaintanceship, reaching an agreement, etc.:made a few discreet advances toward a corporate merger.
    • sexually suggestive overtones:She resisted his advances.
  • Business[countable] a rise in price, value, etc:Advances outnumbered declines on the stock market.
  • Business[countable] a furnishing of something before an equivalent is received, esp. money or a payment:an advance on one's salary.

  • adj. [before a noun]
  • going or placed before:an advance guard.
  • made, given, or issued ahead of time:an advance payment.
  • idiom
      in advance,
      • beforehand: Get your tickets in advance.
      • [be + ~ + of + object] better developed: These computers are far in advance of the old ones.

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    advance /ədˈvɑːns/ vb
    1. to go or bring forward in position
    2. (followed by on) to move (towards) in a threatening manner
    3. (transitive) to present for consideration; suggest
    4. to bring or be brought to a further stage of development; improve; further
    5. (transitive) to cause (an event) to occur earlier
    6. (transitive) to supply (money, goods, etc) beforehand, either for a loan or as an initial payment
    7. to increase (a price, value, rate of occurrence, etc) or (of a price, etc) to be increased
    8. (intransitive) to improve one's position; be promoted
    1. forward movement; progress in time or space
    2. improvement; progress in development
    3. the supplying of commodities or funds before receipt of an agreed consideration
    4. the commodities or funds supplied in this manner
    5. Also called: advance payment a money payment made before it is legally due: this is an advance on your salary
    6. a loan of money
    7. an increase in price, value, rate of occurrence, etc
    8. a less common word for advancement
    9. in advancebeforehand: payment in advance
    10. (followed by of) ahead in time or development: ideas in advance of the time
    11. (modifier) forward in position or time: advance booking, an advance warning

    See also advancesEtymology: 15th Century: advauncen, altered (on the model of words beginning with Latin ad-) from C13 avauncen, via Old French from Latin abante from before, from ab- away from + ante before

    adˈvancer n

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