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ad•vance•ment /ædˈvænsmənt/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. development, growth, or improvement of a situation: [uncountable]:sought advancement at work.[countable]:advancements in medicine.

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ad•vance•ment  (ad vansmənt, -väns-),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. an act of moving forward.
  2. promotion in rank or standing;
    preferment:She had high hopes for advancement in the company.
  3. Lawmakingmoney or property given by one person during his or her lifetime to another that is considered an anticipation of an inheritance and is therefore to be deducted from any share that the recipient may have in a donor's estate.
  • Anglo-French, Old French avancement. See advance, -ment
  • Middle English avauncement 1250–1300

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advancement /ədˈvɑːnsmənt/ n
  1. promotion in rank, status, etc; preferment
  2. a less common word for advance,

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