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af•ford /əˈfɔrd/USA pronunciation   v. 
  1. [not: be + ~-ing]: to be able to undergo without serious consequence: [~ + object]The country can't afford another drought.[~ + to + verb]We can't afford to take the chance.
  2. [not: be + ~-ing;
    + object]
    to be able to meet the expense of or pay for: Can I afford a new car?
  3. to furnish;
    give: [~ + object + object]The sale afforded the stockholders a profit.[~ + object + to + object]It afforded a substantial profit to the stockholders.
af•ford•a•ble, adj. 

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af•ford  (ə fôrd, ə fōrd),USA pronunciation v.t. 
  1. to be able to do, manage, or bear without serious consequence or adverse effect:The country can't afford another drought.
  2. to be able to meet the expense of;
    have or be able to spare the price of:Can we afford a trip to Europe this year? The city can easily afford to repair the street.
  3. to be able to give or spare:He can't afford the loss of a day.
  4. to furnish;
    supply:The transaction afforded him a good profit.
  5. to be capable of yielding or providing:The records afford no explanation.
  6. to give or confer upon:to afford great pleasure to someone.
  • Middle English aforthen, iforthen, Old English geforthian to further, accomplish, equivalent. to ge- y- + forth forth + -ian infinitive suffix bef. 1050

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afford /əˈfɔːd/ vb
  1. preceded by can, could, etc: to be able to do or spare something, esp without incurring financial difficulties or without risk of undesirable consequences
  2. to give, yield, or supply
Etymology: Old English geforthian to further, promote, from forth forth; the Old English prefix ge- was later reduced to a-, and the modern spelling (C16) is influenced by words beginning aff-

afˈfordable adj afˌfordaˈbility n

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